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The value and validity of this site will depend on submission of new cases to add to the database and increase the "virtual experience". While it is clear that the more detail you can submit the better it is also true that any additions are better than none. Please bear in mind that by submitting a case and having your email address on the page you are likely to get correspondence about these cases. This is indeed part of the purpose of posting the site - to assemble a community of people who can give advice and experience.

Please send in the details of the case using the webform below or directly by emailing the editor

Please enter your email address
Please enter your name and professional status (consultant, trainee, etc). Also your location.
Please enter the Diagnosis of the case you wish to add to the database
Please enter the clinical history of the case. You may wish to prepare the details off-line and paste them into this space later.
Illustrations would be extremely valuable. If you have any illustrations please either send them as attached files to the editor or enter the URLs here

Do you wish contact details to appear with this case presentation? If you do not the editor will screen questions and forward them to you as appropriate.
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Contact the editor at mylesclough@shaw.ca