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Orthogate arrow Orthogate Classification of Orthopaedic Subject Headings
OCOSH - the Orthogate Classification of Orthopaedic Subject Headings
This is a "brute strength" solution to the problem of how to generate a code for Orthopaedic Subjects. More elegant solutions will be produced soon but this is a trial of how useful the concept is and is thought to be.

Have you copied the code of the orthopaedic subject heading at your exit point? If not you may want to go back and copy it by dragging the mouse across the code so as to select it then either use the Edit/copy menu item or (in Windows) press Control and C together. When you want to paste the code to a new location position the cursor where you want to paste the code and click, then press Control V or click on the copy Icon.

After you have done this you may want to add a further level of discrimination to your code. To this point the code has delineated conditions and/or treatments.You can further define the topic by adding one of the following two letter codes. Type them in after you have pasted the code.

  • cd - definition of the condition
  • cs - synonyms of the condition
  • cl - classification
  • ca - aetiology
  • cp - pathology
  • cn - natural history
  • cc - side effects/complications of the condition
  • ci - incidence
  • ba - basic science
  • fc - clinical features
  • fi - investigations
  • fp - presentation of a case
  • fi - illustration(s)
  • tm - treatment/management
  • to - treatment/operative
  • tn - treatment /non operative
  • tc - treatment complications
  • tn - treatment/nursing
  • tp - treatment/physiotherapy
  • pr - prognosis
  • ac - associated conditions
  • pi - patient information
  • mi - manufacturers' information
  • or - organizations
  • jn - journals

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