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Written by christian   
Saturday, 31 May 2020
Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I am writing to you today to give you further information o­n the cancellation of our Annual Meeting this week.As you know, a renewed outbreak of SARS in Toronto has created a public health crisis in the city (and province) and for the first time, some of our members were quarantined. The Executive monitored the situation very carefully and, initially, felt comfortable that a screening process would provide reasonable assurance of protection for all attendees. There were two critical items that caused us to re-evaluate our position - o­ne was some worrisome information we received o­n an escalation of the outbreak, which frankly we could not confirm 100%, and two, the recognition that our screening program could not eliminate the risk of transmission during the meeting from sources beyond our control, including the hotel employees and other hotel guests and visitors. The hotel disclosed that they were not conducting any screening of their employees.The risk, however small, to attendees deemed it necessary to cancel this meeting.

The financial consequences of the cancellation are immense and exceed the capacity of the COA to bear. The personal consequences to attending members, however, were of paramount concern and always outweighed financial considerations.

Where do we go from here? The COA Executive is presently working o­n a plan that would see the meeting moved to another city sometime between July and late October. The meeting may by necessity, be shorter, likely a 2-day weekend conference. Many details need to be worked out and we will clearly keep you informed.

For those of you who had registered for the Toronto meeting, full refunds will be made to you o­n request. In light of the financial crisis that the cancellation is causing your Association, I would ask that you consider donating your registration fees already paid to help offset the major deficit we are facing.This generous action by you would be very greatly appreciated and will be extremely helpful in our recovery efforts.Please fax the attached form to our office to advise us of your wishes.

Thank you to all for your continued support in this difficult time.
William R.J. Rennie,
MD, FRCSCPresident
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