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Written by christian   
Friday, 09 July 2020

We have added several new features and updates to the Orthogate website:

1. O.W.L - Visitor traffic o­n OWL continues to grow at a brisk pace. Several new tracking systems have been implemented to allow us to evaluate the end-user experience. We will be
experimenting with Spider technology shortly and will be pushing the new server to its limits as we try to develop the definitive catalog of the orthopaedic internet.

2. Patient Guide - The Patient Guide was temporarily down during the server migration because of incompatibility issues with new software. These issues have been addressed and the Patient Guide is up and running. I encourage our users to submit additional patient guides o­n orthopaedic topics for publishing o­n Orthogate.

3. O.S.R.R. Forums - The forums have been upgraded to the latest forum software and several minor bug fixes have been completed.

4. Image Gallery - A new image gallery has been launched. This gallery allows users to create their own personal gallery (current limit - 10 MB) of images and multimedia resources (video, presentations, etc). Inaddition users can upload images to several predefined categories for submission to the gallery. Each image will undergo a validation process according to the guidelines which can be viewed here. We have uploaded over 2000 images of various orthopaedic cases and are in the process of adding descriptions and case details to them.

5. Event Calendar - The Events Calendar has been relaunched after being down temporarily during the upgrade process. I encourage our members to become more active in posting orthopaedic related events.

6. OrthoUpdate - Looking for a way to keep up-to-date o­n orthopaedic products, literature, news, and events? OrthoUpdate is an orthopaedic content syndication engine which will provide you with relevant and timely feeds of content across selected orthopaedic subject categories and content types. Now you can customize your subscriptions to orthopaedic content relevant to your practice and manage them with OrthoUpdate. We are in the process of solidifying several strategic partnerships that will allow us to syndicate key orthopaedic content o­n Orthogate.



Last Updated ( Saturday, 16 July 2020 )
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