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Chapter 8 - Webpage Editing
Editor: Myles Clough, MD, DPhil

Chapter 8 Topics


Once you have discovered how easy it is to post a page on the Internet chances are you will find there are a number of other things you would like to post. Not everything you want to say can be predicted by the creators of "potted pages". Fortunately it is still very easy to create websites that you control from the start.

To do this you need a web page editing program - unless you are tremendously experienced and know all the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) tags you need to put in the file. [This is a lot easier than it sounds]

Be that as it may most people will find it easier to use a web editor which will automatically insert the tags, make the links, positions illustrations and do a lot of neat and valuable things like create frames and tables.

This section is in the form of a workshop in which you use the commonly available Web Page Editor Microsoft FrontPage. Many Windows computers have FrontPage Express as standard. This is adequate for the workshop