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Chapter 6 - Finding Commercial Orthopedic Information
Editor: Leda Lada

Orthopedic manufacturers have embraced the Internet to enhance their communication with you, their customer. 

This page shows you how to find the companies, get news and product information, and make contact.


Part I:  Industry sites

If you want an overview of the orthopedic industry, you can start by looking at the specialized websites which provide information about orthopedic product companies.  Each site has its own approach.  Some have a directory format, others a news or technology focus.  Most of them will also lead you to company websites. 

Try any of the five specialized sites below.  The images are a preview of what you will find at the site. (If you are at your own computer, you might add a site to your "Bookmarks" or "Favorites" list, to make it easy to return in the future.)



OrthoWorld is a comprehensive site dedicated to serving the musculoskeletal "universe" of surgeons, manufacturers, researchers and patients. The site's directory of companies allows you to link directly to company websites.




Orthopedics Today

Orthopedics Today is a monthly magazine for orthopedic surgeons.  In the "Industry Links" section, you will find contact information for the company, and an email form for requesting product information or writing to the company. You will also find a link to the company's website.

Orthopedics Today



Orthopaedic Product News

Orthopaedic Product News is a UK-based magazine focusing on the products used in orthopaedic surgery. It features industry news, new products, and links to manufacturers in Europe. 

Orthopaedic Product News (UK)




SurgicalTechnique.com is a new site which  provides a central access point to surgical procedures and related product information. The technique manuals are downloadable for offline reading or printing.


Chapter 6 - Part II