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Chapter 5 - Imaging
Editor: Myles Clough, MD, DPhil

Chapter 5 Topics


Orthopaedics is a very visual subject. We rely heavily on Xrays, scans, anatomy drawings, diagrams, and clinical photographs. It's actually quite difficult to communicate about an orthopaedic subject without using images. Whereas verbal communication over the Internet simply requires typing or using a voice recognition program, sending images is a little more complicated. The image that you hold in your hand, be it radiograph, photograph or line drawing, must be transformed into a computer file before it can be viewed on the computer. Once this is done it is easy enough to send an image as an attached file with email or post it on a page.

The issues covered in this part of the Guide include Image Capture - Very Cheap, Cheap, Moderate and Expensive methods to do it. Basic Image editing tips and Netiquette when sending images are also discussed

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