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Chapter 1 - Introduction to the Guide
Editor: David Nelson, MD.

The Orthopaedist's Guide to the Internet is designed to provide an Orthopaedic Surgeon with self-teaching tools to improve his or her use of the Internet for obtaining orthopaedic information. Each persons information requirements and their current level of knowledge about the Internet are unique. So the Guide is structured in a many-layered way to allow users to pick out what they need.


In Chapter 2: E-mail
Editor: Myles Clough, MD, DPhil

This sections deals with the following topics regarding E-mail Programs:

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting up Outlook Express
  3. Receiving Mail
  4. Viewing Mail
  5. Replying to Mail
  6. Sending Mail to a new receiver
  7. Email Attachments
  8. Email Folders
  9. Setting up and using Filters
  10. Using the address book

and the following E-mail Related Topics:

  1. Mailing Lists
  2. Orthopod Mailing Lists
  3. Review of Orthopod Lists (1999)
  4. Medico/legal issues
  5. Information Overload
  6. Spam
  7. Viruses and virus hoaxes
  8. Virus details
  9. Anti-virus software
  10. Email Encryption
In Chapter 3: Searching
Editor: Myles Clough, MD, DPhil

This section deals with finding orthopaedic information both on the Internet and in the orthopaedic journals. 

In Chapter 4: Office Websites
Editor: David Nelson, MD.

This section deals with planning and creating a website to showcase your practice.

In Chapter 5: Imaging
Editor: Myles Clough, MD, DPhil

This section describes ways to create, organise and edit computer files of x-rays and other illustrations.

In Chapter 6: Finding Orthopaedic Company Information
Editor: Leda Lada
In Chapter 7: On-line Discussion Forums
Editor: Charles Eaton, MD.

This section describes several of the current Internet based discussion methods.

In Chapter 8: WebPage Creation and Editing
Editor: Myles Clough, MD, DPhil

This section is a workshop on the use of a specific webpage editor (Microsoft FrontPage) to create and illustrate web pages. It also introduces you to a large resources of text and illustrations about orthopaedics which you could use to practice web page creation.

Note: Though you can view these pages with a browser you cannot do the workshop unless you download them and view them in the FrontPage editing system. Other editing system can be used but there will be significant differences and the instructions in the workshop may not be applicable.

In Appendix I: Additional Reading and Reviews

In Development: