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Appendix I - Additional Reading

The Chapter Editors

The People Behind the Book

The Orthopedist's Guide to the Internet was an idea that came about during discussions of the Working Group about how best to conduct a teaching event at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery, to be held in March of 2000. The Working Group is composed of some of the members of ISOST who are active in designing and conducting the work of ISOST: education events at various meetings, on-line activities, organizing, etc. The Working Group discussion revolved around various ways to meet the needs of orthopedists who will have widely varying levels of expertise in the internet. Some may already have their own websites and want to learn how to conduct interactive data gathering, while some may just want to know how to open their e-mail. The Group decided that an on-line outline, from which the instructors could offer different lessons, at varying levels of sophistication, would be best. We decided to have cooperative teams write the various sections, and this led to naming each topic section chief as the "Chapter Editor" and this led to calling our on-line teaching outline a "book." The person who was organizing the teaching event at the AAOS was the one driving the discussion, and because no one else wanted to take on the responsibility for organizing the whole thing, got the job of "Editor-in-Chief" by default. This is a brief introduction to the people who created the Guide.


David Nelson, MD 

Editor-in-Chief, Chapter Editor for Chapter 1: Introduction and Chapter 4: Setting Up Your Own Website.

David in private practice in San Francisco, limiting his practice to hand surgery. He has several websites. His office website is at DavidLNelson.MD ; this one contains his CV. He is also Webmaster for eRadius.com, a site devoted to blind peer-reviews of distal radius fractures and other information of interest to those who are treating distal radius fractures. He is on the Board of Directors of ISOST.


Myles Clough, MD, DPhil

Chapter Editor for Chapter 2: Email, Chapter 3: Searching and Chapter 5: Imaging.

Myles is in general orthopaedic practice in Kamloops, British Columbia. He found the Internet a most valuable way to keep up with Orthopaedic Surgery and is fascinated by its potential. In addition to being the creator and Webmaster of Orthopedic Web Links (OWL), he is the editor of Orthogate, and the Orthopaedic Rare Diseases Internet Database (ORCID). He is 2001 president of ISOST. See his personal webpage for CV and BC scuba diving.


Charles Eaton, MD

Chapter Editor for Chapter 7: Discussion Forums.

Charlie is a community hand and forearm surgeon practicing busily in his home town - beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida (and as you can see from the picture he sent me, quite character!) He firmly believes that internet-based collaboration is the immediate and inevitable foundation of both surgical education and the long term evolution of the global core surgical knowledge base. He is on the Board of Directors for ISOST, the author and webmaster of e-Hand and Handworld. He is a founding member of Orthogate and ISOST, originated the Hand surgery email forum Mailbase and is active in several electronic education efforts of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand. His practice web site is the Florida Institute for Surgery of the Hand. Further personal information and curriculum vitae are available.


Randale Sechrest, MD

Author of several Additonal Reading articles.

Randale is an orthopedic surgeon in Montana who now specializes in medical informatics. He is the owner of the Medical Multimedia Group and the author of the Orthopedic Patient Education Collection. He is a founding member of ISOST, on the Board of Directors, and a principle guiding light for the organization. His column on the new internet-based orthopedic world is regularly featured in Orthopedics Today. He has recently authored a text, eMedicine: Healthcare in the Era of the Networked Economy.


Leda Lada

Chapter Editor for Chapter 6: Finding Orthopedic Company Information

Leda Lada is a consultant in the orthopedic device industry. Her areas of expertise are product development engineering and strategic marketing. She assists both early-stage and well-established companies in reaching their target markets. Leda is a voting member of the ASTM F-4 Committee. (Editor's Note: this is the Committee on Medical and Surgical Devices and Materials.)


Mel Heiman, MD

Chapter 3: Searching, Section on Grateful Med

Dr. Heiman is a member of ISOST and a native of Los Angeles, California. He has special interests in adult reconstructive and arthroscopic surgery. Since moving to the Abingdon area in 1977, he has become involved in several community organizations. You can check out his website.