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Appendix I - Additional Reading

The members of ISOST have written a number of articles that may be of interest to you, and they are listed here. You will develop a much more sophisticated understanding of the Internet if you can take the time, over time, to read these.

PowerPoint Presentation, an introduction to "The Orthopedic Internet." by David Nelson, MD This presentation was originally given at the Advances in Total Joint Arthroplasty Winter 2000 Course, in Snowmass Village, Colorado, January 14, 2000.

The Networked Information Distribution: Outsourcing the Orthopedist's Library, by Randale Sechrest. This essay explores the implications of moving from static, printed books to hyperlinked, web-based tools that can be easily updated. Last updated 2/26/00. 

The Four Critical Steps to an ePractice: by Randale Sechrest. This essay reviews a new approach to making your orthopedic practice an ePractice, by ensuring that you have the right hardware, contectivity, training, and applications. Last updated 2/26/00. 

Pretty Good Privacy: A Simple Solution for Encrypting Patient Information in E-mail and the Internet, by Randale Sechrest. This essay explains Pretty Good Privacy, a free encryption software that allows sending sensitive patient information by e-mail or over the internet, and you can control who can read the information. Last updated 2/26/00. 

Supporting Your Referring Physician Using the Internet: by Randale Sechrest. This essay explores the use of your website or intranet to help teach patients, communicate with referring physicians, even get them to pay for your advertising. Last updated 2/26/00.