PubMed Mini Workshops

A series of brief workshops to introduce various aspects of the PubMed site are being sent to the Orthopod Mailing List. At the request of several participants these workshops are being posted on the Orthogate site. Each workshop uses a current orthopaedic problem being discussed on the mailing list as the example and generates a reading list about that subject.

Address Title Comment PubMed 1. Basics (Calcaneo-navicular bar) Introduces the site, describes how to enter a search and what to do if the result is disappointing PubMed 2. Details Function (Head Splitting fractures of the shoulder) Describes the details function which explains the way in which your search string was translated for the robot. PubMed 3. Display Functions (Infected Non-union of the Tibia) Describes the different ways in which the results of a search can be displayed
  PubMed 4. Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) Describes, explains and uses the MeSH database of approved terms to describe medical subject

Image Editing Workshops

These pages focus on the steps needed to prepare an Xray image which you want to send over the Internet. These steps are

Workshop using the LView editor
Workshop using IrfanView