Finished Second Day of Fasting

I started my 2nd fast last night at 5pm while I was working out at the gym. I had one of the guys take a picture of me working last night and now have the comparison of June 2013. It’s hard to tell with all the gear on, but I am 39 lbs smaller.

working out at the gym

I drank green tea with stevia all day. My favorite teas: Revolution acai green tea and Mighty Leaf green tea tropical. I’m not supposed to have coffee, black tea, or cocoa because it tends to make me go into adrenal fatigue, so I’ve learned to like green tea. Otherwise, my favorite would be good black tea.

I ended my fast with 3 oz. of salmon topped with avocado, a small portion of cherry tomatoes, and a few celery sticks with cheese.

I’m amazed at how well fasting works. Before last week’s fast, I was 135 lbs. After the fast I dropped to 133, then 132.2, then stayed at 132.2 all week, every day. This afternoon near the end of the fast I was 130.2. Whooo Hooo, I have not been this weight since high school, and that was a very long time ago. I am so excited. I love breaking a plateau. Fasting seems to do it and sticking with super mini meals on the eating days.

My favorite foods right now: Greek yogurt with liquid vanilla stevia, homemade hummus and carrot sticks, organic free range chicken and grass fed beef, fresh steamed veggies with real butter, fresh steamed beets cooled in fridge with balsamic vinegar, sliced fresh tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers, olives, macadamia nuts, organic raw cheddar cheese with celery, fresh fruit, sourdough toast with real butter, raw honey, and cinnamon, oatmeal with nuts, butter, sliced apple, dried cranberries, honey or maple syrup.

Today started off okay. I weighed in at 131. Not sure what happened as I was 130 at the end of my fast yesterday and only ate one of my small mini meals for dinner at 5:30PM and nothing else. My short term goal right now is to get under 130, darn, not there yet.

I had a normal small breakfast while my husband found that he and I were in the SacBee newspaper online and sent me the picture.
Okay, can someone contact me on the Venus Factor Facebook page? My ESE login still does not work, and I want do something new the next two days. I’ve been hitting the weights for a long time so I’m not going to hurt myself if you give me a list of exercises. I can always look them up on the internet.

Yesterday I did chest and back exercises (flat bench, incline bench, decline bench, a variety of pull downs and upright row). Today I did biceps, triceps, shoulders, and some squats and pull ups.
I’m looking for some ideas for the next two days.

This must be the dreaded bloat. I weighed in at 133 this morning. My husband thinks it’s because I’m sore from doing some new Venus Factor exercises yesterday, especially squats, my legs are sore. Is there any research evidence that you retain water when your muscles are really sore? I’ve noticed when I push hard with the weights that is normally when I see my weight up a little the next day.

I have had this happen when I clearly cheated a couple of times (eating high cal sugary items). I have weighed myself every morning since January (I know I’m probably not supposed to but for now it works for me).

Yesterday was a fast day, and I only ate dinner, yet I appeared to gain a couple of pounds this morning.

Everything has been going awesome. Today is the day I need to pull out the determination and stick with it. Small meals, lots of water and tea, and the following workout, I know it’s VI week 12 day 1, but my VI access does not work yet so I’ll do this.

Check out this inspiring video with Hugh Jackman and his intermittent fasting diet.

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